Policy Platform

  • Activate the Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme (MCAP) immediately
    Ensure anyone currently prescribed under a Ministerial Licence continues to receive their medicine without interruption
  • Ensure prescriptions for medicinal cannabis are funded in the same way as other medicines
    Without charge for those with a Medical Card or on the Long Term Illness Scheme
  • Maintain the collection of prescribed medicinal cannabis from the Netherlands
    Where it is not available locally
  • Expand the conditions covered under MCAP
    Most urgently for chronic pain
  • Expand the products available under MCAP
    Including raw flower for vaporising
  • Establish regular, formal consultation
    Between the Dept. of Health, Health Service Executive and the IMCC
  • Amend current legislation
    To permit trace amounts of THC in over-the-counter CBD products
  • Set a deadline for the HPRA to establish a licencing system
    For the cultivation of medicinal cannabis and production of medicinal products
  • Establish a training programme for doctors
    In the endocannabinoid system and prescribing of medicinal cannabis