Medicinal Cannabis in Ireland

The mission of the IMCC is to be the focal point for information on medicinal cannabis in Ireland, inclusive of all with either a personal or professional interest. We aim to reduce stigma & to represent our cause to government, media, the medical profession & the public


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The Irish Medicinal Cannabis Council

Tom Curran

Founder Member

Tom Curran is director of Exit and has been the organisation's Europe Coordinator since 2010 

Alicia Maher

Founder Member

Alicia Maher is a PhD Candidate in Law: Regulation of Medicinal Cannabis in Ireland

Dr. Garrett McGovern

Founder Member

Dr. McGovern is Medical Director of the Priority Medical Clinic in South County Dublin

Vera Twomey

Founder Member

Vera Twomey, mother to Ava Barry, has lobbied for access to medicinal cannabis for her daughter for many years

Prof. Mike Barnes

Advisory Board

Neurologist & Rehabilitation Physician committed to securing access to medicinal cannabis for all

Peter Reynolds

Advisory Board

Peter Reynolds is a writer, consultant and an expert in the science, medicine, law and politics of cannabis


Policy Platform

  • Activate the Medicinal Cannabis Access Programme (MCAP) immediately
    Ensure anyone currently prescribed under a Ministerial Licence continues to receive their medicine without interruption
  • Ensure prescriptions for medicinal cannabis are funded in the same way as other medicines
    Without charge for those with a Medical Card or on the Long Term Illness Scheme
  • Maintain the collection of prescribed medicinal cannabis from the Netherlands
    Where it is not available locally
  • Expand the conditions covered under MCAP
    Most urgently for chronic pain
  • Expand the products available under MCAP
    Including raw flower for vaporising
  • Establish regular, formal consultation
    Between the Dept. of Health, Health Service Executive and the IMCC
  • Amend current legislation
    To permit trace amounts of THC in over-the-counter CBD products
  • Set a deadline for the HPRA to establish a licencing system
    For the cultivation of medicinal cannabis and production of medicinal products
  • Establish a training programme for doctors
    In the endocannabinoid system and prescribing of medicinal cannabis

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